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The help-page provides general information about the structure and how to use this website.

The window of your browser is separated in different frames:

  • header
  • menu
  • data frame
  • footer

The header remains unchanged regardless of the page you visit. You can use both WHO-logo or the link HOME to get back to the start page. It is intended to provide information in different languages in upcoming versions. The selection box at the left hand side will then be activate

With the menu you can go directly to the page you are interested in. In data base queries there is no menu for lack of space only.

The content of the webpage (rabies information, data base queries, maps) is presented in the data frame. The start page shows Europe with a background of a rabies test (FAT). On the right side there is a news window, where the last 5 news entries are presented. A click at the link […] shows the entire news section with all news sorted in chronological order.

The footer contains copyright information.

For navigation within this web side it is advisable to use links instead of back and forward buttons of your browser. If you need to go back you can use following sign on the right side:

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